NEW!!! Intro to Concrete

This online course is $150 pp for members and $250 pp for non members and the expected duration of the course is 4 hours.

Perfect for onboarding new employees, students, contractors or anyone interested in learning the basics of concrete in this online course. 

Learn about product knowledge, plant operations, environmental overview, basic safety, customer service and employee roles.

INSTRUCTIONS - Contact the Concrete Atlantic office to receive your registration key. Then click here to register! 

This 4 hour online course is designed to provide participants with: 

  • a basic and fundamental knowledge of concrete;
  • an introduction to roles, responsibilities at a concrete plant and job site;
  • an understanding of basic safety practices around plants and construction sites;
  • helpful customer service practices & understanding how to mitigate workplace challenges
  • an awareness of Industry environmental challenges and ways to alleviate them 

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product knowledge, how is concrete made, properties of concrete, handling concrete, personal, concrete and job site safety, what to expect on job sites, environment responsibility, important of reporting, employee roles, how to deal with problems, customer service an relations.

Register by obtaining a registration key and instructions from the Concrete Atlantic.