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Pump Operator Safety Certification Seminar and Online Exam

On April 17, 2021
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SEMINAR TOPICS: This comprehensive seminar will offer in-depth instruction on the following topics: Preparation before the job, Pump setup and operation, Hazards of the job, Cleaning and maintenance, Attitude and coworker safety and Technical.

An affidavit comfirming hours must be completed and sent to the Concrete Atlantic office. Or Fax 902 404 8074.


- To raise the professional standards of the concrete pumping industry in general, and of concrete pump operators, in particular
- To improve the safety awareness and practice of concrete pump operators
- To encourage continuing education of concrete pump operators
- To assist in an operator’s development and self-improvement
- To award recognition to concrete pump operators who meet the qualifications of certification

ACPA Certification is the only industry-recognized certification program which provides a written 
assessment of an operator’s knowledge regarding concrete pump safety.

The purpose of certification is to increase the safety awareness of concrete pump operators and to assist in an operator’s development and self-improvement. Certification thus permits concrete pump operators to raise the professional standards of the industry by maintaining and improving safe operation of concrete pumps.

Certification applies to individuals and is granted by the American Concrete Pumping Association to persons who have met the pre-determined qualifications established by the ACPA Certification Committee. This is a voluntary program and is open to any concrete pumper, whether or not his employer is a member of the American Concrete Pumping Association.


The operator must possess a valid driver’s license or equivalent in the operator’s country of employment and have specified experience with the particular equipment for which the operator would be certified. It also requires the operator to pass an examination that tests knowledge of the equipment and its safe operation.

Successful operators receive a wallet-size certification card that designates them as an ACPA CERTIFIED CONCRETE PUMP OPERATOR.

Operators who do not have the required experience are encouraged to take the written test and will receive a ‘safety card’ that will be effective until they do have the required time.

Please download the pdfACPA Study Guide
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Please download the pdfACPA Study Guide

DEADLINE TO REGISTER APRIL 10th, 2021. The Virtual Seminar will be hosted on Saturday April 17th and students will have 1 month to complete the online exam. All links and course information will be provided once the student has registered with Concrete Atlantic.